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Stage Kit for Polaris RZR ProR

Stage Kit for Polaris RZR ProR

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Dynojet’s Launch Control Module effortlessly connects to the Polaris RZR Pro R, providing a power surge during launch without any torque limitations. It’s a true two-step system that doesn’t require custom tuning. The kit includes everything for easy plug-and-play installation, interfacing with the coil pack. Adjust launch RPM through Power Core Software, aligning it with primary clutch engagement RPM to prevent belt or clutch damage. Pair it with Dynojet’s primary spring for optimal performance and longevity, ensuring your UTV handles each horsepower efficiently. Dynojet’s clutch kits, engineered for tough trails and race day, offer adjustable arms and multiple spring options for enhanced performance. Essential for UTVs, these kits prevent belt slip and power loss, especially when paired with Dynojet’s flash tune. Developed on Dynojet’s in-house dyno and field-tested, these kits deliver maximum performance in all riding conditions.

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Dynojet’s Launch Control Module Effortlesly Connects to the Polaris RZR Pro R, Providing a Power Surge Duration Launch Without Any Torque Limitations. It’s a True Two-Step System That Doesn’tn’t Require Custom Tuning. The Kit Includes Everything for Easy Plug-and-Play Installation, Interfacing with the coil Pack. Adjust Launch RPM Through Power Core Software, Aligning It With Primary Clutch Engagement RPM to Prevent Belt Or Clutch Damage. Pair it with Dynojet’s Primary Spring for Optimal Performance and Longevity, Ensuring Your Utv Handles Each HorsePower Efficiently. Dynojet’s Clutch Kits, Engineered for Tough Trails and Race Day, Offer Adjustable Arms and Multiple Spring Options for Enhanced Performance. Essential for Utvs, these kits prevention calls slip and power loss, sopecially when paired with dynojet’s flash tune. Developed on Dynojet’s in-house Dyno and Field-Tested, these Kits Deliver Maximum Performance in All Riding Conditions.